Apollonia was a Greek goddess of song…..and dance is an expression of music. 

Tribal Fusion Bellydance. A massive part of my identity. A staple, a lifeline, a fundamental building block, a sheer necessity. Vietnam has given me above and beyond what I deserve from my passion for dance. My precious, precious students, who are now friends before dedicated dancers, the plethora of gigs, too many to mention, even in this last year, the documentary I was asked to be part of (on my unique position of Western belly dance instructor). I was able, to apply ‘dance’ to ‘My Vietnam’ . Dance has been the biggest love of my life, of all things that don’t hold a heartbeat. Dance is my lover. Dance is imprinted on my soul. Until I can do it no more, you may never have to look any further than the dance floor.

Metallic Gypsy. Photo courtesy of Ita Ly. Photographer and gentleman

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